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What is a Word Counter, what does it do?

Word character counter; is a tool that works online, free and instant. In a text total how many characters, how many words and letters, how many sentences and paragraph is used to detect. It also analyzes all the words in the article and shows what is the most common word in the article.

Who can use it?

This counter; It is used as a practical tool to help text or dissertation writers, students, researchers, professors, lecturers, journalists or editors who want to conduct professional SEO article analysis.

Writing the best and most optimized article is the ideal of every writer. Setting up short sentences, instead of long sentences, makes the article more useful. By means of this tool, by looking at the ratio of words / sentences, it is determined whether long or short sentences in the text are passed. Then necessary arrangements can be made in the text. For example, if the value of words is too large in terms of the value of sentences, then the article goes through a lot of sentences. You shorten sentences and make your article more optimized. The same applies to the number of characters. By adding a certain number of characters to the sentence and word rate, you can achieve more optimized results. This situation depends entirely on how you work.

Similarly, if you are asked to write any text in a restricted area, this tool will be very useful. Let's say you are asked to write an article about your company's projects with 200 words. You can not write your article without counting the words. In the short article, you want to know how many words you have left until you complete the introduction, development and conclusion sections in the process of writing the article. At this stage, the word counter that performs the counting process for you will run to you.

Word Counter How does it work?

The Word counter, consists of three parts. The text panel is in the form of sub-reports and keyword density tool. There is an instant-running system in the text panel. When the keys on the keyboard are pressed, the word counter starts running. In each new post, the total word displays the number of characters and sentences in the subreport. In addition, you can also see the total number of letters and the number of paragraphs number of without a space in the same section. At the same time, there is a keyword density tool in the side region, and it instantly shows the density calculation of the entered text according to words.

Keyword Density Calculator

The counter analyzes all the words in the entered text. What words go through the most? immediately computes and prints the result to the list on the side of the text panel. You can see the 10 words in the post that are the most common in the list. Tools on other sites think of it as a different word when there are sign characters to the left or right of a word. For example, the point added to the end of the sentence, the comma or semicolon in the sentence does not differentiate the word. So in this tool, they are all considered the same word. This makes more accurate keyword analysis.

In addition, identifying the words that repeat in the text and instead of using synonyms to make your writing more effective. It is a good way to make your article more understandable and more readable. For this purpose, you can constantly check the keyword density and understand which words you want to edit in the text.

The unique number of words also proves how rich your writing is in terms of words. For example, let's think of two different texts that contain 300 words of information on the same subject. Although they both have the same number of words, if one unique word count is more than the other, that article gives a more rich content, more information. In this way, you will have the opportunity to make comparisons between articles while discovering many features of articles.

Other Features

Word counter is a very necessary tool for calculating keyword density. In many languages; pronouns such as pronoun, conjuncture, prepositions, and the like do not have any importance for the optimization of that article. With the x-marked buttons to the right of the density list, you can remove these trivial words to make more important words appear in that list. For practical use, you can fix the text input panel on the top of the screen. This way you can work better. To do this, you can bring the #focus attachment to the end of the page link. please click for sample use.

Word counter ignores HTML tags. The presence of these tags does not change the number of characters or words. As these values do not change, they do not change sentences and paragraph values.

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